November is PowerShell Time !!!

Hey IT Pros,

Today more that ever Windows PowerShell is a must have skill for all  IT Pro’s so during the month of November we will be running a number Virtual Workshop and email discussions to help IT Pro’s learn PowerShell.

So join us throughout November as Shane Hoey &  Chris Brown  host a series of virtual workshops and email discussion to help you learn Windows PowerShell.  Our goal is that by the end of the  month, even if you have little or no experience with PowerShell today, you’ll become effective in using & understanding Windows PowerShell.

This workshop is based on PowerShell in a month of lunches  by Don Jones  and we highly recommend you purchase the book, so you can follow along with the Bobs SEO Las Vegas workshops.  We will send details out to purchase at a discounted rate once you register,  alternatively you can purchase it now from

Who is the workshop for ?

  • System Admins, not developers (but developers are welcome to attend)

What will be covered ?

  • Learn PowerShell – No previous experience required.
  • Designed for sysadmins! not developers.
  • Practical examples, and reusable techniques.
  • Concise & Short sessions.

What will the workshop include

  • Weekly Live Meetings, (recorded in case you miss them)
  • Daily email updates, to keep you on your learning path.
  • Discussion email list
  • Lab Manual

What will it cost ?

  • There is no cost for these workshops, however there is a small cost for the book, ~$30.

Please Note :  This series of workshops is via live meeting and email, therefore anyone wanting to learn PowerShell is welcome to join us.  However if you live outside of Australia you will be ineligible for any giveaways, and the group book purchase.